Tuesday, August 5, 2008

never a dull moment at the petersens

so last night we decided to play circus. my friend nicki was over and she doesnt have any brothers so she thinks this is hilarious! (: but i love having big brothers to play with! although it was kinda wierd cuz logans but was in my face most of the time! haha i tried not to breathe.

fireman carry!
david and logan being retarted but very funny!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Camping with the fam

we went camping with the mcfadyens last week. it was very much needed. we grew up going to thousand trails and the last time i went i was like 8 years old. it was time to go back. it brought memories back of my grandma mcfadyen and going camping with her. it was lots of fun. my mom, the twins, stacy, montana, and i drove up on wednesday and courtney, dave, andalyn and ryan came up on thursday, and then marc, david, and logan came up on friday and we all left on saturday.

when we were setting up camp... stace kept saying isnt it funny how people come to the dirt to try and make a house when they have a perfectly good home bakc home. lol. they're like this will be our kitchen, this will be our living room, this will be your bedroom. (: good times! oh btw... stace i took most of these pictures from your blog! (: sorry.

so when we were done setting up camp we made dinner. hot dogs and chili. of course! (:
montana belle with ketchup all over her face.
and tana was giving stace a run for her money, with her tantrums, stacy had to put her in so many time outs... lol but she was just tired (: little tana belle the 2nd day before the beach.

oh montana so sad.....

at the beach... montana is so stinking cute.
i love this picture.
courtney, dave and their kids met us at the beach later that day.

cousins playing in the sand! (: i love them to death. they're my girls

mommy and tana belle.

mom and stace

court and stace... my bffs (:

not only are we sisters, we're best friends! (:
love them!

stace playing ring around the roses with the girls.
we went back to the camp to eat dinner and set court and dave up.
the girls watching mickey mouse club house. (:
dave and i trying to put the tent up. it was totally janky. we had to ducktape the poles cuz the string kept ripping. but we finally got it up, but we forgot to put the stakes in so we just said screw it. haha but we finished i siad wow dave we totally jank-a-fied your tent. (: fun times
marc, david and logan came up on friday after they all got off work. and marc bbq'd for us! im a picky meat eater, but not when it comes to marcs meat! its bomb.com! (:
mom brought a tv. good thinking mom, it got the girls to sit down!

saturday morning... logs eating his monster pancakes with peanutbutter and syrup. totally logan
then we packed up the trailer and headed to the beach! lots of fun! and the boys of course were messing around throwing the sisters and eachother. i love having 4 older brothers! (: its fun! them throwing me! (:
us throwing tiffy... look at her fly. and that form. (:
wow logs youre way strong! (: that was so much fun! and its fun having big strong brothers. sometimes... (;
marc throwing montana... she loved it!
and the amazing sand castle marc, david and logan built.
and then the little cousins crashed it! fun times.

camping is so much fun i wish that my dad could of gone. we all missed him.
we need to go more often!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

i miss my sisters! ):

so as most of you know, my two older sisters courtney and stacy live in el darado hills. which isnt too far away. but i was so used to seeing well stacy almost everyday which i loved! (: but now im lucky to see them 2 times a week. and i was going through my busy saturday and i found myself thinking about them. (: and their families. dave, andalyn, ryan, marc and montana... and i miss them all very much too! i know that they are all doing great. but i just miss having my best friends so close. well this is close for courtney and dave, because before they lived in new mexico. but i just wanted them to know even though i dont call you guys everyday and see you everyday i love you guys to death and WE miss you guys, all of you! you guys are always in my/ our prayers (: and im so lucky to have you guys. i dont know what i would do without you guys in my life! no matter where your life takes you guys or me (but not for a while) (: you guys will always be my best friends and role models. you guys have taught me so much, not only in life, but in church and im so blessed to have the family i have and for them to be strong in the church. but dont let anyone tell you guys that you arent good enough for anything or put you down because you guys are amazing, beautiful, strong women and mothers (and so much more)! well i love you guys and i will try my best to call you guys more often and visit more often! (: i love you guys!

new pig!! (:

well here is my new pig. the one i am taking to state fair. (: but i dont have a name for her yet. :/
my first pig i called him bud. easy right. lol so if you have any ideas let me know! (:

she doesnt like to pose!

there we go. lol but shes eating... lol

whats that in the tree?? do you see that mom? hahaha just kidding. im retarted.
after i was all dirty. this is what happens when you work with pigs lol. but here are my lovely jeans. lol oh and my pig stick. what i guide her/ them with.

good friend.

so nicki got her wisdom teeth pulled. so i went and got her a balloon and jamba juice (:
with the help of my mom! lol thanks mom!

me, nick and her dog tigger! (:

this is retarted. but us. lol

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

me and my best friend nicki.

so tuesday i had nicki come over while i was babysitting.
and she was getting her wisdom teeth pulled the next day, so i thought she needed some fun.
above and below: i was ontop of the piano. (: the picture would have been better if nick knew how to use a camera. hahaha jk

i look like a tomatoe! lol

then she went home and came back later and we went and played soccer at the high school. good times (: by the way she is so much better than me. shes going to go pro. she plays for san juan!

andalyns a pirate!!!

Andalyn likes to pretend shes a pirate. she was looking at herself in the mirror and i tried to catch her without her seeing but shes smart and she saw me. lol. but heres andalyn playing a little dress up and drama and drampa petersens house! (: